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Product Name Active Ingredient Indication Information
Aethoxysklerol® Polydocanol Treatment of ruptured vessels and varicose veins in the legs SMPC Aethoxysklerol
Buronil® Melperon Treatment of psychotic conditions such as visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions and sleep deprivation SMPC Buronil
Folimet® Folic acid Most often used for treating anaemia, which can be cured by folic acid supplements in the form of Folimet (folic acid) 5mg
Folimet 1 mg has to be taken every day in order to reduce the Methotrexate side effects
SMPC Folimet (1mg)

SMPC Folimet (5mg)
Hydromed® Hydrochlorthiazide For treatment of oedema, usually swollen legs and high blood pressure SMPC Hydromed
Marplan® Isocarboxazid Treatment of depression and anxiety, which could not have been treated with any other medication SMPC Marplan
Nitoman® Tetrabenazine For treatment of involuntary muscle movements, such as abnormal or slow movements of the body, arms and legs, as well as unintentional sounds and speech, which are often associated with vocal tics SMPC Nitoman


Product Name Active Ingredient Indication
Modamide® Amilorid For treatment of high blood pressure


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