Privacy Policy

  • (Scope) The Privacy and Protection of Personal Data Policy is intended to regulate the processing of data
    to be realized by Medilink A/S on account of the use of its website.
  • (Responsible for processing) Medilink A/S, a company registered in Denmark with company registration
    number is 19 30 15 40 and registered office at Klintehøj Vænge 6, DK-3460, Birkerød, Denmark.
  • (Data collected): (1) Data provided directly by the user.
  • (Object) The processing of data includes, namely, the recording, collection, consultation, use, adaptation,
    modification, storage, destruction of data, among other operations.
  • (Purposes) The collected data is used for the following purposes, namely: (1) The provision of
    the information requested by the holder; (2) the provision of information on products, services,
    marketing activities, campaigns, promotions, with the prior consent to that effect.
  • (Legislation) Medilink A/S guarantees the processing of personal data in accordance with the legislation in
  • (Unprocessed data) Medilink A/S shall not process personal data revealing racial or ethnic
    origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, as well as
    the processing of genetic data, biometric data for identifying a person unequivocally, health data or
    data relating to the sexual life or sexual orientation of the holder.
  • (Collection) Personal data may only be collected if: (1) the holder requests a service, responds to
    an inquiry, form and/or chatbot or exchanges electronic correspondence with Medilink A/S.
  • (Consent to receive information) The user shall give his or her prior consent in relation to the receipt of
    commercial communications for marketing purposes and shall be entitled to oppose it at any time by means of
    a written communication addressed to Medilink A/S. Such commercial information may be sent by Medilink via
  • (Transmission) In addition to the obligations referred to in the legislation governing data protection
    or the safeguarding and protection of its own interests, as a rule, Medilink A/S shall not share any
    personal data with third parties without previous consent at any moment, unless sharing the data is
    mandatory to provide a product or service or fulfill a statutory obligation.
  • (Technical and organizational measures) Medilink A/S has appropriate technical and organizational
    measures for the protection of the data processed, namely, against unauthorized access or any other form of
    illegal or illicit processing. Medilink A/S guarantees, in addition to the measures safeguarding the
    security and internal protection of its facilities, the limitation of the access to personal data solely to
    its employees in order to fulfil the purposes of the processing.
  • (Access, Alteration and Forgetfulness) The user is entitled to access and rectify the data processed and
    may at any time withdraw consent for the processing and request the erasure of the data, by means of
    a written communication addressed to Medilink A/S.
  • (Duration of the retention of data) Medilink A/S will use reasonable efforts to ensure that it retains
    data on the user only for the time required for the purpose for which it was collected or as required under
    any contract or applicable legislation, with a maximum period of 5 (five) years after the last contact.
  • (Applicability) The privacy and protection of personal data policies of Medilink A/S apply to the
    processing of personal data carried out in the scope of its activities and its provision of services, in
    accordance with the principles of lawfulness, loyalty and transparency.
  • (Cookies) Medilink A/S does not use cookies on this website. To learn more about cookies here
  • (Automated Decisions) Medilink A/S will not make any commercial decision based on automated decisions,
    nor will it take any action leading to profiling.
  • (Control Authority) The control authority is the Datatilsynet, with registered address at Borgergade
    28,5 1300 København K, Denmark.
  • (Communications) Any communications concerning the processing of personal data should be addressed
    to Medilink via the e-mail:
  • (Changes) Medilink reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time.